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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Out of the Frame and into The River

Well Well Well, It's Christmas Eve already and here I am shivering at my PC working on the good old half movie. First of all, this is a shot in the middle of editing, half way completed. It looks awesome because it seems like Pat is leaping out of one video and into another. Quite cool. It's been quite busy so here is an update on what the MVM team is cooking up. We are excited to announce that production for "The Second Half" will begin in the early summer of 2012. Not only that, but half is still set for a release in May! There will be a public showing in Saline MI, as well as a way to order DVD copies. The thing about making a movie like half is that you have create a LOT of backstory. There is a lot of backstory for the film that is not told and there are many loose ends that require tying up at the end of the film, so we are creating a sequel. Jared, Pat, John, and I have learned quite a bit about film making from this project as well as other ventures that MVM does. And a lot of that was learning by doing. During the production of half we made mistake after mistake after mistake. But you know what? We never made the same mistake twice. So obviously, half is not going to be a cinematic masterpiece. It will still be awesome, just not quite as awesome as it could be if it wasn't a first attempt at film making. Enter "The Second Half." This film is going to be twice as long as half and have way more actors, as well as a developed storyline that fits quite nicely with half. The second movie is going to cost tons more than the first but the film will be quite worth it.

I hope that you find this update satisfactory, there will be a trailer coming in January...

Kurt Richardson

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