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Production Pictures

This part of the website is where we will showcase pictures from production, as well as concept art and visual effects tests. More will be added as time goes on. Feel free to comment on these with your thoughts.

While I was running FX for many of the Sander's scenes in Half, I came across this one frame that was too epic not to make into a picture.

Concept Art/VFX Tests
The cave is looking better every day that I work on it. I changed the composition from standard
to HD, then added some bump mapping to make the cave feel less CG. I then added a 3D lens flare
into the ball that flickers! :D Isn't that awesome? By the time this entire scene is done, the whole
thing will look pretty epic.

After a hard days work filming a "stunt" scene, Jared, Pat, and I posed for the tripod
wearing our signature green pants with motion trackers on them.

CG Cave Test (Lighting needs work, and the ball isn't quite finished.

CG Cave Test 2 (See Production Blog Post

Camera Projection Title Test