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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Facts and a couple pictures


Half is a project about several teenagers who turn into mythical creatures, namely fauns and centaurs. Although they are a disjointed quartet, they must work together to outsmart the evil Randall Stevens and his crew of FBI thugs.

To begin, I'll brief you on who is who on the team.

That might be a little hard to see, but here are the names of the awesome people involved in the project from left to right:
  • John Sanders
  • Pat Fifelski (see him and me playing a concert here:
  • Kurt Richardson! (I'm the one who looks all excited for no good reason.)
  • Jared Viitala (Producer) (The green pants are going to be keyed out in post-production, but they really symbolize the project.)
  • Josh Sanders
  • Jack Sanders (Really smart guy playing a really stupid guy.)
  • Marie Martelli

We filmed a couple days where we did almost 8 straight hours with a break at Subway or McDonalds in between. Lots of fun all around. This film will be a pain in post-production but the cinematography is going to be great. We will be using Adobe After Effects and its Warp Stabilize engine ( to make our handheld footage appear to be shot on dollies and cranes, etc. It will really be epic. Well, that is all I have time for now. That was really discombobulated but hopefully you know a little more about this project.

Kurt Richardson
Directing Centaur for Mountainside View Multimedia

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